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Author Topic: About the End Farm
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Post About the End Farm
on: September 27, 2018, 01:52

As few of you know the public XP farms are broken and also the end farm was broken too. Was – because Jack figured it out – the endermen had their path findings screwed up. *eyeroll*
yeah, again…

Also about that issue – since it would be hard to turn around the end farm for 180 ° 😀 , i had to modify the grinder space.
Meaning i added a new one. So the endermen drop on the previous ones, and in the one in the middle – and that means, the TNT killing is out – for now or until i come up with time and idea how to make it better.

Nothing much changed, but less space maybe? 😕

That’s where you come in.
Do you guys, who do use the endfarm, want me to move the enchanting table setup to the right of the farm (where the most right placed doublechests are – which aren’t really used). Let me know in the comments!!

Also I had the freedom to modify the storage system and set up the overflow chest – in case someone decides to use and then also to drop any valuable items into the hopper system below the grinder. The overflow chest is easy to turn on or off with a lever to empty it – that way the valuables are easy to retrieve. I also do hope that won’t be the issue for most of us – but it happens sometimes 😛

I also have to add that the end farm is most likely the only XP farm for now, until we get to switch back to spigot and that issue gets fixed.
And for all those who don’t know it yet – wither skeleton farms are broken too – both – Q’s at te sci-fi hub and jacks south of ocean market hub. If any want wither heads to kill their own withers or want beacons – i provide both (have a stash 😀 ).

The hunt for the Trident is still on! Who brings it first gets 10 diamond blocks and i add some enchantment books for the Trident to it too – whichever you want – for free!

Cya online and happy hunting! 😎 😎

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