The pay-to-win game structure is annoying.  You already own Minecraft, so why would you want to pay in order to access a certain aspect of game play?  On Jackal’s Den, this doesn’t exist.  100% of all donations are put toward server costs and no in-game items will be given for donations. Several members enjoy this aspect of the server and donate to simply assist with server costs, for which I am very grateful.

For reoccurring support, become a Patreon.
Or for a one time contribution, use Paypal.

Due to the fact that we own our own hardware, donations go toward paying for the network accessibility and any additional hardware upgrades we want done to the server. Ninety percent of the network bandwidth is used by the server per month. Additionally, there is always hardware items on the list that I feel the server could benefit from.

If you don’t have a paypal account you’ll still be able to donate by using the paypal option.

Making a donation of ANY amount will give you a default [Donor] tag or you can make your own tag. Also you will not be unwhitelisted due to inactivity.

If you want to support the server anonymously, please let me know and I’ll make sure you don’t get the [Donor] tag.

If you choose to support the server, regardless of the donation size, I greatly appreciate the financial support! This is a hobby of mine and I started this server to have fun, not make money. Thank you!