This update has been called “The largest release of Minecraft ever” and there are several aspects of the server that will need to update before we can. I’ve listed them below and will mark them off as I see that they have been satisfied. So yep, more waiting. Sorry folks!

  1. Optifine update to 1.13 – Now available as a preview version.
  2. Spigot update to 1.13 – Waiting for 1.13.1 release, last item we’re waiting for. possibilities to do pure vanilla if we have to wait too long.
  3. Gamebreaking MC bugs fixed – Release 1.13.1 tomorrow should address these bugs.
  4. GriefPrevention plugin updated – version 16.8 is now 1.13 ready!

At the time when we update, there will possibly be a very very long downtime due to the entire world needing to go through a chunk optimization process.

Power Outage

We had a power outage here and the server shut off for about 30 minutes. Zark lost his inventory because he was logged in at the time. If anyone else has the same issue, please ping me on steam or email me so I can restore your items. Thanks!

The Holidays are rolling around the corner and a few of the server members have set up an area to do a Winter themed build.  The area is free to anyone who would like to contribute to the area.  The location is at -328 -29790, South tunnel of the North Hub. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message on discord or on this blog post.