Server Rules

policeWelcome to Jackal’s Den, a vanilla server with anti-griefing.  We are an older community where kids don’t exist, or at least they don’t while we are playing Minecraft.  We try not to be overbearing with rules and hope that, for the most part, common sense prevails.  The few rules that we do have have are simple and we ask that you respect them whilst playing on our server.  They are as follows:

  • Zero tolerance of ALL types of hacks.
  • Do not grief/loot builds in the Nether or the End.
  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • PVP is on, but all participants must have agreed to it.  Be respectful.
  • You are responsible for protecting your own builds by using grief prevention.
  • Allowed mods are: Minimap, Inventory and Optifine.
  • Other mods are NOT allowed, such as: Auto Attack and Auto Mining.
  • All Nether-side portals must be at y9.  Overworld portals can be at any level.

While it does happen, it’s very seldom that somebody joins the server and actively tries to steal, grief or force others into PvP.  The vast majority of people that end up getting banned are not being banned for breaking these rules.  But perhaps you’ve heard of someone that has been removed from the server and are curious as to why.  Without naming names, these are some of the reasons for past bans:

  • Threatening to harm yourself or others
  • Acting on or plotting to cause emotional trauma in somebody’s life
  • Advertising your association with extremist hate groups
  • Threatening or acting on a Denial of Service (DoS) attack of any type
  • Excessive amount of drama on public chat
  • Using the server to stalk somebody
  • Boasting about or using the server to conduct illegal activity

As you can see, these are extreme situations, and it should be pretty obvious that they are not acceptable behaviour.  However, they have happened, so they bear mentioning on this page.  Please don’t break the rules or do any of the things listed above.  Also, don’t think of some other creative way to be a nuisance.  We strive to make Jackals Den a peaceful and welcoming community for everybody to enjoy.


If you have not logged in for more than two months, you are at risk of being un-whitelisted, which would mean any claims you may have made would be deleted.  Making a donation or exceeding 200 hours of active time on the server* will permanently exempt you from un-whitelisting and will preserve your claims/builds.  Occasionally, the whitelist will be purged of inactive players who did not meet the 200-hour minimum (or donate), and their respective claims will be deleted.  Purged players’ builds are open to raiding.  However, raiding any site that is clearly identifiable as belonging to an active player (either by nearby claims or signs) will not be tolerated.

*To see how many hours of active time you have on the server, type /claimslist in the game.  The first number you see, divided by 100, is how many hours you’ve amassed.