Game Settings


CreeperJackal’s Den is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server.  By that we mean that, while trying to provide an experience as true to the original game as possible, there are a very few plug-ins/settings that affect game play.  Some of the settings of note include:

  • Grief Prevention (see Command List)
  • World Border (currently set to 100k x 100k)
  • Large biomes (in 1.7+ generation areas)
  • Hard difficulty
  • Mob grief is on outside of claimed areas
  • No ‘Home’ setting (sleep in a bed to set your spawn)
  • Nether transportation, no warps
  • Block/chest log
  • Fire spread is off

Apart from these things, the game is pretty much as Mojang releases it.  For your part, you are permitted to use mini-map, OptiFine, and inventory mods.  All other client-side mods are prohibited.