We’ve finally updated to 1.13.1! A couple things have changed.

  • We are no longer using SpigotMC as the backend server, but rather PaperMC. If you would like to have a look at PaperMC’s config file, you can find it here. This makes it so less mobs are spawning. Once spigot updates we’ll probably move back.
  • I was unable to keep our direct messaging plugin where you can do an ‘@’ and the name. It was just too outdated.
  • Multiworld support isn’t where it should be right now, so the creative world is shut down. I have a different multi world plugin running that enables the use of the amplified world, and it is online.
  • The command blocks we were using to sleep the night away even if people were not sleeping is broken and I am looking up how to fix it.
  • Had to switch to a new nickname plugin. Your name will be all white. If you have been given perms to change it, you still can with /nick . Otherwise ping me and I will change your name and colors.

And that seems to be it, at the moment. I’ll be on frequently the rest of the weekend to catch any other bugs that have come up.

Some may be wondering why we haven’t updated yet. I’m waiting on a world conversion bug to get fixed by Mojang that can potentially cause chest contents to be deleted after conversion. Here is the bug report if you’re interested:


Update 9/22: Another server software type out there like Spigot called “Paper” has figured this bug out and has distributed the fix to MC Devs. I’m keeping an eye on spigot to see if they update. I’m also looking into this new server software to see if it may be possible for us to use instead of spigot….. More to come soon! Its getting close!

This update has been called “The largest release of Minecraft ever” and there are several aspects of the server that will need to update before we can. I’ve listed them below and will mark them off as I see that they have been satisfied. So yep, more waiting. Sorry folks!

  1. Optifine update to 1.13 – Now available as a preview version.
  2. Spigot update to 1.13 – Waiting for 1.13.1 release, last item we’re waiting for. possibilities to do pure vanilla if we have to wait too long.
  3. Gamebreaking MC bugs fixed – Release 1.13.1 tomorrow should address these bugs.
  4. GriefPrevention plugin updated – version 16.8 is now 1.13 ready!

At the time when we update, there will possibly be a very very long downtime due to the entire world needing to go through a chunk optimization process.